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Wednesday: Pool workouts would be a great idea on hump day (What?!?! Click here to read an article that has more information on pool workouts.After the pool workout I would have the sprinters do a bunch of core exercises.Many college coaches are perplexed with the short amount of time they are able to spend with their athletes during the fall months.Typically, coaches get to work with their sprinters and hurdlers for 6 to 8 hours per week, depending on their conference or other institutional factors.After the block drills I would throw in some fitness training on grass such as cross fields or strides, followed by lifting or body weight circuits.The lifting or circuits on this day should be more explosive like cleans, snatches, rocket jumps, push ups with a clap, etc.…The lifting or circuits should be tempo oriented movements like bench, squat, push ups, etc.…The tempo in lifting for a bench press would be slow and controlled on the way down with the bar and faster on the way up. Again, the lifting or circuits should match up with the running that is being performed. This is a great way to do conditioning and get in volume without crushing the sprinter’s body by having them pound the pavement.

Just throwing sprinters into higher volume regiments will also lead to injuries such as shin splints.In the fall, sprinters can do activities that will prepare them for sprinting while still building a base that will allow them to run some 5k’s.These athletes will not be heading to the cross country state championship, however they should be able to run a 5k from time to time. So how do we get sprinters prepared for the track season in the fall without breaking any rules, avoiding injury and strengthening their physical and mental bodies, making them ready to compete in several 5k races?After the turn over work I would ask the athletes to do a Jump Run Circuit. This type of workout should end with a lift or body weight circuit.

On this day, I would try to do a combination of explosive and tempo movements.Many are simply trying to get in shape and start building an endurance foundation for the indoor season.

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